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After the inspiration of the rug show we HAD to keep the excitement level up there! What better way to get the brain churning and the heart pumping but a little junking! Since we spent a good part of Wednesday viewing rugs and being inspired (and of course buying some MUCH NEEDED (or was that just COVETED!) wool and patterns we headed off early Thursday morning to 5 Corners Antiques in Essex Junction for a little additional shopping! WELLLLLL, we both (Diane and I) bought a few items that we will turn into treasures with either some punch needle or small hooked pieces. Spurred on by hubbies (Gord must have been feeling guilty about the golf watch he bought in the spring that cost so much it could keep me in wool for months!) we spent a few hours rummaging and came up with the following treasures:

Diane’s buys!


and mine… 

Hmmmm, looks like Diane out bought me! And of course she found a scoop after I had already bought mine with wonderful red paint and rust! Oh well – I can dab a bit of red on mine and age it up so it looks a bit grungier. I did find one later that had a big bite out of it!

Meryl sent me this picture of her recently completed Shelly Atkinson Streetscape colour planned by her and Bev Vandershoor with mounting and framing courtesy of Nick Vandershoor. Love this piece!!!


A little reminder about our Rideau Valley Boots and Baskets Vendor Day on Thursday November 3 in Burritts Rapids (community centre) from 11 – 2. We will be hosting a number of vendors including Carol Shewan, Cathy Ivory of Baa Baa Bundles, Maureen Robertson with her lovely yarns and handspuns, myself and a few other of our guild members who will have wonderful items for sale. Please join us (we are a scent free environment) – bring your mug and your lunch and your $(well lets make that $$$ 🙂 ). We are open to everyone!


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  1. Awesome treasures!! I am now collecting things like that to use for needle punches!!!! Oh my ,, somethjng else to collect!! Love them all,,, I did get a wooden box like urs with handle, and use it for my needle punch stuff!! Got another one just last week at a garage sale for $3.00,,, so pleased! Love all ur posts,,,, take care,,,,

  2. Karen Massingham

    Do you have a beginner kit? I’m looking for a kit to start my 7 and 9 year old great grad-daughters.

  3. Bev vanderschoor

    Thankyou Loretta for the posting and kind mentioning . All the accolades to Meryl for hooking a magnificent hooking.

  4. Look like it was amazing display again .Do they have this once a year or ever other .Thanks again for showing pictures .Can’t wait to see what you will have done with you finds .


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