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Louise has a cutter for sale – a Fraser 500 with a number 3 and 4 cutter head. I have tried the cutter with the number 4 blade and it works just fine but like all used cutters it probably could do with a cleaning. So as is the cutter is 125.00 firm – if you are interested please let me know and I will put you in touch with Louise. I could bring the cutter to Fibrefest next weekend (wow is it that close already!). Off to Lake Huron and some fun on the beach – will take my woolies with me (to wear! not hook!)… Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend…


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    Hi Loretta

    So you’re coming to the fiberfest on the 11th? Yayyyy!!!!

    I am still interested to do the secret project for my daughter- will have to draw it well on the burlap- I am a little intimidated by drawing it though.

    Sorry didin’t get in touch with you earlier Loretta, my Mom passed away and I just got back this week.

    Take care and do bring colours you think will go well if possible

    Delande xox

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  2. cathrine cathrine

    Hi I will take the cutter if cleaning is a simple thing. I will purchase a size 8 head from somewhere. I will take it if it has not gone already! Cathy


  3. Hi!
    I am looking for a #4 blade
    Are you willing to sell me just the blade?

    Michelle Davies
    JJ Ruggers


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