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Spent a wonderful day hooking with friends on Tuesday. I played with hand torn strips and so love it – amazing how quickly a piece can hook up… This is a pattern I bought from Betsy Reed – Foxette. I got allllll of this done in about hmmm 3 1/2 hours! with a big fat hook! and strips torn about 3/8 to half an inch wide. What fun this was – now to decide – do I finish her off as a little shaped pillow or do I hook a fun background around her and make her more square (which would definitely be easier to finish and lots of fun! There was a wonderful article in the most recent ATHA magazine by Betsy on how to do a patchwork backing on a pillow and I may play with this…


A few pix of rugs sent to me…

Susan who is sooooo prolific sent me these pix of a few finished pieces…Image 1

A Briarwood Folkart Pattern I carry…Image 2

and Denise sent me a picture of her beautiful rug (a Rittermere pattern)…


and Jennifer’s wonderful Value village find – transformed with a bit of paint and a lovely rug…


As a side note – I have more critters! Tons of little baby frogs – well not babies of course as they have morphed – but I looked in my pond the other day and on almost every leaf of the lily pads there was a lovely little green and yellow frog – all the same size so probably all from the same batch of eggs. Dozens and dozens – which makes me happy as for the last few years we have had very few frogs. Not sure what happened to change things this year but A  HOPPY Pond is a HEALTHY Pond … 🙂 (looked up these frogs and oh my I think they may be bull frogs! I did see bull frog pollywogs in the pond a few months ago – had not seen one of those in YEARS)…



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  1. That value village rug is beautiful, such a treasure. I can’t believe that someone gave it away! Fortunately it found it’s way to the perfect home!!!

  2. Thanks for the pics,, loretta,,,, love ur fox!! Fun and fast,,,,,
    Your frogs in the pond are so sweet,,,,,
    Enjoy ur blogs,,

  3. OhMiGoddess! These are waaay too cute. I may have to visit you just to play with them. “Lots” is an understatement, you have a total frog explosion there. Enjoy.

  4. Love the frogs!! Little Foxie is a cutie.

  5. Hi Loretta, definitely would love to see foxette as a pillow! I sure wish I had all your frogs. We’ve had only one or two in our pond this year and we usually have 20-25. Hoping for little ones like you have. I don’t get it…. Krystyne

    Krystyne King

  6. Brian Hetherington



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