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Yesterday Linda, Elizabeth and Sandi came for a play day! Elizabeth taught us how to hook little art mats around objects we gathered in the woods, on the beach etc. What fun this was – we glued objects onto our linen(of course I glued my fingers and not my objects – glue guns and I do not have a friendly relationship) and then hooked a little landscape around them. We used acorns, pinecones, lichen, stones etc. Once the pieces are finished they can be framed in a shadow box or applied to an antique or vintage object or just hung up as is. I took a few pix to share of everyone hard at work…

Linda got right into the fun – she had bags and bags and baskets of wonderful stuff…HPIM6585

See that lovely piece of lichen…HPIM6586

Our teacher, Elizabeth…HPIM6587

and her lovely piece in progress…HPIM6588Hmmmmm could it be my little acorn caps are lost – yes! will replace them with full acorns… This is supposed to replicate our shore line – stormy water, driftwood, stones covered with lichen and some dead birches on the hill…

Sandi was making sunflowers…HPIM6589


Elizabeth also finished hooking Mr. Squirrel – ahhhhhhh love all those fall colours – can it truly be almost fall already…


I will be doing a beginner class at the Textile Museum in Almonte on October 5. If you are interested or know of any wannabe rughookers (we will be working with wide cut kits) please let me know.


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  1. Just love the squirrel!

    Krystyne King


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