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Crowds were crazy on Saturday (thankfully a little less so on Sunday) but of course there were sooooo many wonderful vendors that people came from far and wide. I think I saw some ladies who came three days in a row to take various workshops! and to buy fibre…

So Gord and his trusty iPhone took a few pix to share … well actually he took a lot more but hmmm I edited 🙂 …

On Friday I taught a primitive beginner class.  The class was located on a farm outside of St. Andre Avelin – during the day these little guys walked around and I was happy to see them eating plants as we all know what voracious appetites goats have and how omnivorous they are!  A little wool and linen or a rug might have been a tasty little treat!… So a rustic setting for a primitive class – how apropos!

Image 12

Image 10

Another little visitor who seemed to be very interested in what was going on…

Image 9

Yup – class was outside in the barn! What a hoot – these are my students – all of them did an amazing job…

Image 1

Ahhhhhh the fibre… Gord tried to get signage into the photographs so that you would know who the vendor was…

Image 49
Image 46

Image 45

Image 42

Image 40

Image 36

Image 35

Image 34

Image 33

Image 32

Image 30

Image 29

Image 28

Image 27

Image 26

Image 15

Of course, there were MANY MANY more vendors… and yes I did manage to spend a few dollars on goodies…

Jenny brought along her little sheep rug done in yarns and silks and recycled fabrics…

Image 23


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  1. Looks fabulous! How could you NOT buy!!!!!!!! Nancy

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad


  2. Love your pictures Loretta!

  3. Wow!! Nothing like that here! Maybe the sheep and wool festival in MD.

  4. Judith A Powell

    Amazing selection of wool, etc. Let us know about the next offering like this one. Thanks.

  5. Wow you always have so much fun. Nice your hubby enjoys all the activities as well. Thx for sharing


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