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I am always amazed at how creative and out of the box we can be in our hooking. Last Sunday, my friend Elizabeth came for a visit and brought along her small mats containing “objects trouvés” – a technique she learned in a workshop with Diane Learmouth at TIGHR. As you can see she has attached or included objects such as seashells and driftwood (on her seashore piece), acorns on her forest floor piece. Such fun – we are going to play next week as I would love to try this. Elizabeth has given me homework – search that forest floor (we do have 8 acres so it might take a while!) for objects to incorporate into my pieces – perhaps the dried up snakeskin I found around the pond????? or in this weather, hmmm maybe that was a desiccated SNAKE not skin!…


Image 3

Image 4

Then yesterday, Alana sent me pix of her latest work which incorporates small hooked pieces inserted into her paintings… These are minis – 8 x 8 – but have inspired Alana to do larger pieces. What a wonderful way to give a small piece big impact…


and then!!! Chris sent me a picture of her finished 3 Blooms (one of my Karla Gerard patterns). It is wild and colourful and just such fun…

Image 6



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  1. the designs are all so life like just amazing…….

  2. Really incredible! But I think you can get rid of the snakeskin! LOL

  3. Seeing Elizabeth’s mats have inspired me to go in search of nature’s treasures.

  4. Elizabeth Worrall

    Thanks guys your comments are so supportive. And Loretta, I think the snake skin ( if not a python ) might be an interesting addition. I have a dragonfly wing that just calls out for inclusion. We WILL have fun!


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