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was fun – reconnected with a lot of people I have not seen in a while which is always lovely. But, ohhhhh the weather REALLY DID NOT COOPERATE!!! This has been an extraordinarily hot, steamy summer and I think it has been affecting a lot of people who would normally be out and about. There were busy times when waves of people came through but once the mid afternoon heat and humidity set it… things became pretty calm!  So, a big thank you to everyone who braved the heat – I know that I came home and hopped right into a COLD shower and into bed! And I luckily, was in the curling arena where it was a tad cooler (because of fans! and a cool concrete floor). I really felt for those vendors who were outside…

Now, a few pix of some of the vendors in our building – unfortunately, I did not get pix of the vendors in the other buildings and outside as hmmm, my photographer!! was not willing to brave the heat!!!!


My neighbour Bob who had the most delightful Scottish (Glaswegian) accent and made these pix out of pebbles!!! 






Ohhhh Krista made some amazing necklaces out of vintage and antique buttons – I was reallllly tempted by a few of them as I have a passion for buttons…IMG_0839



This vendor made wonderful frames and items out of slices of wood – I cannot even imagine the time it took to cut all those slices and then assemble them to fit together…IMG_0843


This was Daniel DeCouvreur who was participating in his first show ever and will be taking part in Tweed’s Art in the Park on July 30… IMG_0847

Lovely smells emanating from this booth of beeswax items…IMG_0848



Oh I see my intrepid photographer did make it into the AIR CONDITIONED building!!! Sawdust and Glass was the name of this Vendor…IMG_0851



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  1. Karen massingham

    Great show!! So happy to get some hooking. It was very hot but the air conditioned lunch helped!

  2. Nancy Crapper

    Nice pics. Thanks! Haven’t been there for years. But looks like a wide variety of very nice, hand made things. Thanks for sharing! Nancy

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad


  3. Thanks for all the pictures, it’s great to get a travelogue of all these places and hook-ins I’d love to go to but can’t.
    Any chance you remember the name of the vendor of the wooden items in your last photo?
    I searched for a list of vendors but couldn’t find one, and would love to get that tree trunk chest for my husband. Thanks.

  4. Karen Darling

    What a great great day!!!!!Will be back next year to shop!!!!!!

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing! Beth

    Sent from my iPad



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