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The weekend was perfect – weather a bit milder (well not as hot is probably closer to reality) and the location was lovely. Had a fun time chatting with the ladies from Martintown Wild and Woolly and visitors to the show. AND converted a few people to hooking! One of my neighbouring vendors was Linda of Silk Devine whose daughter came to help her on Saturday! Wellllll she was fascinated with rughooking and by the end of the day was well on her way with her project! The next day didn’t her sister join her and also start rughooking! What fun! They are adding in lots of moms Sari Silk ribbons – of course I offered up Linda’s stash for their use 🙂 .Image 12

So some pictures of the venue…Image 2

Image 28

Image 20

Image 11

Image 1

Image 18

Image 8

Image 6

Image 4the exhibits…

Image 36

Image 35

Image 32

Image 30

Image 29

Image 25

Image 27

Image 26

Image 24

Image 23

Image 21

Image 17

Image 16the demonstrations:

Image 19

Imageand the vendors…

Image 34

Image 14

Image 33

Image 9

Image 13

Image 5

Image 3

This Thursday I will be vending at Karen Kaiser’s wonderful Waterside hookin. This is always a lovely event – lovely grounds along the waterfront. Hope to see you there (well some of you!).

And now a few pictures sent by Krystyne of her beautiful needle felting…


Image 1

Image 2


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  1. Thanks for including me.??

    Krystyne King

  2. elaine allerton

    Wow! Loretta,,, these pics were great,,, thank you for those!! Glad u had a great time,,,,, busy summer,,, have fun at karen kaisers picnic,,,,, just finished my second punch and attached it to a small basket!! Also finishing some rug hooking,,,,,, take care,,,,

  3. Hi Robert, Did you forward this to me? I recently signed up for their email but Bob Butler is the address it is received from.

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Thanks, Loretta, for sharing. I am definitely marking that on my calendar for next year. See you soon, unfortunately can’t make it to Karen’s so have fun.

  5. Your pictures are always so inspirational. Thank you . Beth Dubeau

  6. Thank you for the great pictures. Always enjoy seeing all the gorgeous works.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photographs. The venue is really lovely. The creative work represented here is breath taking. What talented people all.


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