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and exhausted! but soooo happy with my class with Jon. He is a wonderful teacher – patient, informative and generous with his time and experience. The ladies in the class produced amazing rugs. Andddd Green Mountain Rug School is FABULOUS! Great location, great food, well organized and a great line up of teachers. SOOOOO the new list is out for 2017 and yeahhhh I have my name in already! THAT IS IF THEY LET ME BACK IN after a few fiascos!!!! Day 1 2 3 4 – I used my Ipad (hmmmm or rather Gord’s iPad with which I am not overrrrrly familiar) as an easel for my picture for class. Well the stupid thing kept making noises all day long – one bloooooppp, one ding and then the viking call! By the end of the week everyone was wondering exactly what Gord was trying to tell me!  Then Day 2 I almost burned down the hotel – put a piece of lovely bread into the toaster – one of the ones that travels around and drops your finished toast on a tray all ready to butter and eat! EXCEPT mine got stuck half way – well actually I think the track just stopped! Hmmmm I said as smoke started wafting out of the toaster – what is happening!!! looked inside and oh my God flames were shooting out of the bread which was now charcoal! Holy cow – fire I yelled! noone heard me! which means there must have been a lot more interesting stuff going on at the tables. Fire!!! again! and finally someone came rushing over and we tried to unplug the thing but by this time lots of smoke and flames were shooting out of the blackened bit of breakfast! The plug was even hot! finally got it unplugged and the staff – who maintained this was a brand new toaster! – dragged it away, cleaned up the mess and brought in a REAL toaster – the kind that pops up!!! and does not burst into flames!!! so hmmmm not sure if I will be allowed in the doors next year 🙂 .

So I hope, in the next few days, to share a few pictures of rugs that were being worked on but in the meantime here is a rug hooked by Jill (one of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry called Solitude):

Image 77and a few new Karla patterns I will be adding to the online store hopefully in the next week (after the windows are cleaned 😦


Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 5

Image 4


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  1. Loretta, that is not funny about the toast but… did make me LOL!! Sorry. Glad you enjoyed Jon’s class. It is a good one so looking forward to seeing the finished pieces

  2. I laughed out loud as well. You are too funny. I would love to know more about the school you attended. Can newbies go? I look forward to your posts and all the great rugs people do. Thx for your time in writing your blogs.

  3. Hi Loretta. I love Solitude. What size cut did you do that in and how big is the pattern. Thanks, Susan

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  4. So sorry but…..HA…HA…HA…I know it was not funny at the time but for us it was hilarious. Jill’s rug is fabulous. I will be available next year to go to Green Mountain rug school…yeah!

  5. Sharon Bennett

    I think the toaster takes the cake! lol! Love these new designs you are going to list in your shop!


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