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Well summer is here and we had our last guild meeting yesterday – delicious potluck (of course everyone was asking for my recipe for cheese and crackers haha) and a lovely show and tell. A few pix to share…

Eileen was the lovely lady who donated a lot of the wool towards our last auction…


Eileen’s beautiful sculpted piece (hooked into wool)…HPIM6555

Cathy, the queen of mixed fibres, hooked this gorgeous pillow out of a multitude of fibres into an old wool skirts…HPIM6557

Maureen’s cottage… HPIM6558

and her lovely multi fibre mat…HPIM6559

Pat was working on a blue heron – and dyed up yards and yards of blues before she remembered hmmm the blue heron is actually grey :-)… anyone need some blue?…

Marie’s lovely fraktur (started in a class with Carol Shewan)…HPIM6562

and her Out of the closet rug started at an OHCG annual a few years back…HPIM6563

Susan just finished a piece (pattern by Susan Feller in RHM a few years back)… Love those fall colours…HPIM6564

Stacey’s doodle rug – done entirely in wools she dyed in her first dye class…HPIM6565

and ohhhh her Fish Bones are finished – check out the great eye. I hear this is being hung above her aquarium – yikes those little fishies are going to be in for a shock!…HPIM6567

Cheryl just finished a lovely Claire Murray pattern in yarns…HPIM6568

and Cindy is doing this tree out of Batiks!!!! I love they way they are hooking up…HPIM6569

Carol was working on a very pretty cardinal rug…

and my turtle is almost finished – his shell will be wired onto the body once I have finished the legs and given him some eyes so he can see where he is going!!!…



Janice sent me a picture of her finished Neighbours pattern (one of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry) – it turned out beautifully…Image 1


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  1. What a talented group, thanks for sharing, gives me inspiration ! Beth

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  2. Loretta thank you for all of your hard work you put into your blog. .. Yesterday was amazing…The pot Luck was the best I have ever been to..OMG! !!!!!

  3. Love the Inuit Hooking. Just beautiful

  4. Ditto..Karen’s comments. Your blog is so encompassing in the truest sense. Thanks for your dedication and the expertise and joy you bring RVBB.

  5. Fabulous an I am in Ottawa for 4 days and move 11JUL – OMG! See you later this year.
    Julie B

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