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This weekend was our Lac Sam retreat at Louise’s lovely cottages on beautiful Lac Sam in the wilds of Quebec! Well it seemed like the wilds when our GPS would not show LAC SAM! Yikes we were lost!!! Well not lost as such – just did not know where we were going :-). After many misturns we finally stopped and ASKED FOR DIRECTIONS – welllllll even with directions we managed to go off in the wrong direction a few times but finally made it just in time for lunch! Then of course on the way home didn’t we manage hmmm 2 wrong turns again! But it was allllll worth it because we had a wonderful time – eating, hooking, dyeing wool (when I accidentally ran out of stuff to hook), floating on the lake on the barge(s) and hmmmm more eating! Had to come home early as we are off to a different part of Quebec to move my inlaws but still managed to gain weight and hook a few pieces and enjoy the hospitality of Louise and Pat and the energy of the wild and crazy hookers!

So a few pix of what was going on (not too many as we were missing quite a few of our usual group but enough to make your mouth water!)…

Donna was punching – I believe this is a pattern by NotForgottenFarm…HPIM6530

I hooked the top for my turtle sculpture – next I will cover the legs and head with scrunched wool and put it all together – an idea I saw in the last Atha magazine…HPIM6532

Betty, who made the wire sculpture, hooked a BIGGGG turtle back…HPIM6527

Sandi was hooking a lovely whale pattern from Old Tattered Flag…HPIM6533

I made more sunflowers! for my class this coming Friday…HPIM6534

Wendy was hooking an amazing Santa…HPIM6535

Andrea was hooking a wonderful piece called Words to Live by for her daughter…HPIM6543

Louise was working on an amazing huge rug that I am not allowed to share until!!!! it is done so I only have a picture of her small rug that will be donated to the Hooked Rug Museum in Hubbards for their gift shop…HPIM6542

and hmmmm, had to take a picture of the clothes line 🙂HPIM6537


and today Ruth shared her wonderful little Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern which she hooked with wool and nylons(the ladies and suits are pantyhose that I had dyed). It was a perfect combination for this piece which is now a lovely pillow…Image



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  1. Julie Ridler

    Where is the class on Friday? I would like to make some of those flowers…

  2. elaine allerton

    Thanks for all the pics! Love the rug hooking pics,, and the needle punch is sweet,,,, I have never tried that ,, yet,,,,! Love ur sunflowers,,, take care,,,,,

  3. Krystyne King

    I love your turtle!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Krystyne King

  4. What a marvelous weekend!! The posts bring it to life…the outside picture made me smile..

  5. Hi Loretta

    It been awhile since I have seen or spoke to you.By the sounds of your e-mails you have been very busy.I love all your writings.

    I am finished the houses and Ruby is showing me the finishing.I was thinking of my nexr oroject and wanting to ask you about it Loretta.My friend is a graphic artist and has written a children’s book.I thought I could hook one of her illustrations.I was not going to make it to big about maybe 8×8 or so and then I would frame it as well.I was wondering if you draw a design on linen for people.I would be glad to pay to have it done.If not Lorretta I will try to find some here that’s artistic.The ladies thought the background should be dark so the lion pops but I would leave that to you.I thought if you had time to get the wool ready I would pick it up when we go to the gathering in Westport. Let me know what you think I am up to many suggestions.Thanks Janice Sent from my iPhone



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