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Never let it be said that hookers let moss grow under their feet when there is a great deal going. Sandi’s frame was snatched up by a new hooker almost immediately and then the bidding war began 🙂 with a number of other hookers wanting the same frame. Sorry to report folks, but the frame is gone and has found a new home where it will hold many future rugs!

In the meantime, however, Sandi has decided to divest herself of another lovely piece – a 1920’s hooked rug in excellent condition. If you are interested let me know and again I will put you in touch with Sandi.


Elaine sent pix of her completed rugs – 3 Owls (one of my Karla Gerard patterns beautifully hooked) and her funky “bowling pin” primitive cat:


Image 1



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  1. What are the dimensions of the 1920s hooked rug?


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