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Pix first of all:

Liz’s community gifted our Prime Minister with some wonderful pieces of art representative of their area of many lakes. Amongst these enticing pieces was a rug hooked by Liz…


Linda finished her very first hooked rug in about a month! and is off and running… and now designing her own piece…


We had a wonderful day at guild yesterday – Maureen’s husband, Al, gave a super workshop on maintenance of cutters! Wow I never realized that my favourite product, WD40 does not lubricate! For years I have been “lubricating” my sewing machine and cutters with this product only to find out it cleans but hmmm then does nothing good! Yikes. We all learned a lot yesterday. Then I gave a short (well rather longwinded!!) dye demo and afterwards Cathy of Baa Baa Bundles, gave a great workshop on use of alternative fibres in our rughooking. A busy but very very instructive day for everyone. Then on the way home the girls and I stopped at a new antique store – did not leave with anything which is good because today – hmmm cleanup inside and out! I need to declutter (hence no shopping at the antique store!). I may have to offer up some of my antique pieces for sale 😦 …

Sandi has a fabulous frame for sale – stand and frame are 200 Canadian. If you live in the area and are interested please let me know and I will put you in touch with Sandi…

Image 2

This coming Wednesday I will be at Stitch by Stitch from 10 – 12. I won’t be back till September so hope to see some of you there.

Wonderful weather here so gardens are getting done – by me? Nope – blackflies are so big they almost carried away my old cat! So I will do inside work while our lovely gardener, Adam, does the outside. I am in love! He is even more anal than I am 🙂 so gardens are looking wonderful – although Momma deer with her yearlings was here the other day and I notice that the tops are cropped off all my day lilies – and sooooo it begins!

To all the mothers out there – have a wonderful day on Sunday. And lets offer up a prayer for the folks in Fort McMurray – may it rain rain rain!


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  1. What a treat for Liz to have one of her rugs given to the PM. That is exciting. I didn’t know that you had a new man in your life. Tell us more about Adam the gardener. Especially, is he is willing to work in my gardens?

  2. Wow! I now have something in common with the PM. I too own a rug hooked by Liz and it is a focal piece in my new abode. Hanging against a pumpkin orange wall the greens, teal blues and bits of orange color in the piece “the true north strong and free’ pops giving me a smile each and every day. Love this piece so much. So there. JT is not the only one with a fab piece of Canadiana hooking. Love the piece you did for PM Liz.

    Thanks Loretta for posting these photos. Beautiful as always.

    • Liz from Seeley's Bay

      Thanks Trish. I am so glad to know the ‘true north’ rug made it to your new home!!! And glad you liked the piece I did for la famille Trudeau…I admit a bit of post-harper-euphoria gave me a creative spurt on that one 😉

  3. Beth Campbell

    Hi, I am interested in Sandis’ frame. Beth Campbell. 613-267-4754. Thanks

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