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“That old adage still applies!!! Gord kept telling me a few weeks ago – gotta get my golf clubs out! I’ll be golfing by the end of March – haha I kept saying – you won’t! and… the rest is history…”.  Well, I started this post a week ago during a sleet storm and I guess Gord proved me wrong because here it is, March 30, and the snow is all gone, cars are clean (not for long on our roads though), and boots and winter coats are put away. One golf club has been sitting by the front desk for the last week and every so often as Gord walks by he takes a swing and looks longingly out the window! Soon, Gord, Soon!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend – we had lots of fun company and Saturday went to the petting zoo with Di and mom – the tiny lambs were soooo adorable but no petting because momma was very protective and had them all huddled in the middle of the pen probably because someone mentioned hmmm mint sauce! Ate way tooooo many chocolate eggs and good food! Yup, it was a great weekend.

I have a few pix to share that people have sent me of their projects:

Cheryl is a new hooker who decided to take on one of the Shelly Atkinson patterns I carry in WILD colours – I am hoping to get a new picture with the chick in her lime green finery all finished … (check out that amazing eye!)


Jane sent pix of her sunflowers finished and potted!…
Image 1

Pearl’s lovely Sleigh Ride…


and (oh I am so bad with names)a wonderful rug by a new hooker from Martintown…


Jane’s lighthouse…


and her version of my Otters rug…


and OHHHH Helen was punching her cat Butters this weekend – done from a photograph and soooooo real…

Image 1

Susan finished my primitive cat and bird kit…

Image 2

Heather finished one of the Karla Gerard patterns and her granddaughter just took up rughooking…


Image 1

New to my inventory – Karla Gerard punch needle patterns – any of the large patterns I carry can be made into a punch needle pattern (5 x 7 seems to be a good size). Also, Wendy has designed a few wonderful punch needle patterns that I will be selling along with the lovely Valdani threads… will post pix of these later as right now they are all packed up for the Hookin this Saturday hosted by the Olde Forge in Ottawa.

Hope you all have a wonderful day…



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  1. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    They are all lovely, but LOVE that little birdie riding on the cat’s back…so primitive and perfect.

  2. Also love Susan’s version of your primitive cat and bird. Helen’s realistic face is fantastic! Can she image it in a hooked version?

  3. Ohhh the cat portrait is going to be beautiful!!! Painting with wool- wonderful. So delighted to hear that the younger generation is embracing this wonderful skill.


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