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was wonderful. We left Friday morning in sunshine and blue skies (always makes me much happier to be driving 3 hours if it is sunny out!). So with a smile on my face, money in my wallet and good intentions of going hmmm JUNKIN, on the way off we went. Problem was darn school break week! so one of my favourite locations was closed. And then Gord pulled a big upside down smile – he did not want to drive 67 km out of the way to go junkin!!! WHAT – is he nuts! 67 km is NOTHING. But I gave in and instead we drove right to Peterborough (secretly I kept hoping we would run into a few antique or good junk shops en route but Gord was flying down that highway so fast my eyes were watering!). Got to Peterborough in the middle of the afternoon – WHAT TO DO! Soooo, off we went to the Canoe Museum. Now I have to admit, I was not reallllly looking forward to looking at a bunch of canoes but Oh My God! it is wonderful! Amazing history of the canoe in Canada – from West Coast dugout canoes to stunning birch bark canoes from Ontario and Quebec to hide covered kayaks of the Inuit. This museum is sooooo well done, so informative and has beautiful displays of antique and modern canoes and kayaks. We spent a good few hours and I still missed a lot – Gord kept coming back to where I was dawdling to remind me that THEY WEREN’T OPEN TILL MIDNIGHT. So we took a FEW (well lets be honest – GORD took a LOT) of pix – a few of which I will share…

ahhh, the intrepid Voyageur paddling hard through “des rapides”…

Image 36

and her lazy sidekick…

Image 37
a beautiful birch bark canoe… and oh what is it I see in the background – a Hudson Bay blanket – of which I have two that must date back almost 80 years – NOT to be cut up for hooking!!!..

Image 34

Image 38

Inuit kayaks…

Image 40

Image 41

Image 29
Image 33

Saturday morning we headed over to the Fibre Arts show location – it was lovely – bright, well lit with perfect temperatures for hordes of shoppers!, great vendors and yummy food at the cafe. If I had brought my bathing suit I might even have been tempted to sneak in a few runs down the water slide!!! It was a fun day – met up with hookers I have not seen in YEARS! which was wonderful. And hmmm yup did manage to spend a few dollars!!! at the other vendors booths which made up for the lack of junkin spendin… So a few more pix to share…

Image 1

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Image 9

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

Some of the beautiful rugs that were for sale and I believe that is John Boorman with one of his frames… Image 13

Image 15

and more lovely hooked rugs (and lovely hookers!)…

Image 16

Image 17

Image 18

Image 19

This vendor did absolutely beautiful wet felted scarves, hats and other pieces and I loved her booth setup – I wanted to move in (she made her wall out of 5 old doors and had antique tables etc. in her booth)… Image 20

Image 21

Image 24

This vendor had curly locks (dyed and natural) that she was practically giving away – I FILLED A BAG!…Image 26

hmmm, don’t know who that was haha…
Image 28



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  1. It really was a great festival! Thanks for spending so much time with me to pick out the colours for my fish tych. I am glad that you got to be a tourist too. The Canoe Museum is fabulous. There is now a meeting place for rug hookers in Peterborough. Twice a month on Modays, we meet at Activity Haven on Barnardo Street. This is a new hobby and creative art form for me. I am just loving it!

  2. Oh Nuts, Peterborough is my stomping grounds and there are some good ‘Junk”/Antique places right on Hwy 7 if you go that way through Norwood and Havelock,. There is one on the same side of hwy. 7 as Burnham’s Woods maybe 2 km west of Ptboro. I go to Peterborough at least once a week, sometimes twice to see my father-in-law. I forgot that you were at the fibre show, should have come to see you. Sorry. I just read Cathy O ‘s comment, my husband grew up on Barnardo Ave. the place she is referring to must be old Queen Alex School, I went to there for grade 6, ha, small world.

    • sent you an email Sue about the lite projector but did not hear back so i am wondering if your email has changed and i dont have it nor does linda…

      it was actually at the wellness center off lansdowne a beautiful center with a pool and workout area and cafe and biggggg gyms…

      you would have liked it – lots of wonderful things to see and haha buy!!!!

      well of course i DID see some antique stores but gord zipped by at 100 km per hour as i was pointing them out! guess he is feeling threatened by my collections!!!!! :-)))…

      hope to talk soon…loretta


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