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A light table. How many of you are old enough to remember the TV show MacGyver? “The series revolved around MacGyver, whose main asset is his practical application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of common items—along with his ever-present Swiss Army knife.” right from Wikipedia! In any event, Swiss Army knives or sharp implements of any type are not allowed near me! Clutziness runs in my family – my dad cut off most of his fingers. Finally, the plastic surgeon told him NO MORE POWER TOOLS! I always wondered how they would fingerprint him! given he had very few tips left! I digress!  Today I decided to break down and transfer an old pattern from burlap which was full of holes to linen. Welllllll not an easy task! It was a quite intricate pattern so I decided to draw my outside borders and then place the old pattern which was stamped and very uniform underneath the linen! Yeah like that was going to work!!!! In the end I free hand drew a good portion of the pattern but there was one final area that I could not see at all – even lifting, looking, replacing and drawing on the linen! Tried taping to the windows but it is so grey outside today that I still could see nothing. Finally the light went on in more ways than one – I needed a light box. Wellll, first I looked at some of my plastic storage containers – but unfortunately under the many layers of dust they were ripply – not good for drawing on! Then I thought hmmm, maybe a cardboard box with a light in it but holy cow what do I use to lay the pattern on. Looked and looked (and emptied out one of the plastic containers to go into recycling at least) until finally I spied an old footstool that I had bought many years ago. I had removed the top in anticipation of one day hooking a top for the stool (one day! being the operative phrase). Yup that would work – put the Ott light underneath it – great! Now I still need either glass or plexiglass on top of the footstool – and that I do not have! However!!!!! I do have 2 six inch wide 24 inch quilting rulers! and side by side they gave me 12 inches of working space! and YEAHHHHH that darned pattern is done! And what did that make me realize – that I NEED A REAL LIGHT TABLE! So!!! Gord get cracking!

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  1. Ruby Macgregor

    Good for you. Was waiting to see a pic of your invention. Looking forward to our road trip. All’s well. Ruby

  2. Loretta, I have a Light Table/Magnifier that Vernie Foy gave me when she gave up Hooking. I have designated it for RVBB and will bring it in when they have space. …however, you have probably invented something of even better use and purpose! Pat in sunny Arizona who is in countdown for return home.

  3. Thanks for this amusing anecdote. It is just what I needed as I am almost out of energy from this packing, sorting, moving exercise. Moving day tomorrow as if we have not been doing this for six weeks. Thanks again for the laugh.

  4. Hi Loretta, Maybe I could suggest buying a “Tracer” it is like a projector that you put the thing that you want to transfer under and it projects onto the wall where you hang your fabric that you want to trace onto. It is smaller than a light table and portable. Art supply stores sell them. You can also take something like a 4X6 photograph and make it bigger. Quite a useful tool. I can give you the name of mine if you want to pursue it. Great post by the way, thanks.


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