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Had a wonderful time teaching at L’Ourse qui Danse in Godmanchester Quebec this past weekend. Gord managed to take some fun photos to share…

The girls (not the girls in the class 🙂 although I would have loved to have them join us…)…

Image 2

Image 5

What a face!!! Image 7

Johanne’s shop, studio, classroom…Image 9

Filled with wonderful items to inspire (and yes THAT WAS one of the girls from the class)…Image 10

and more inspiration and wonderful things to buy…Image 11

Image 12

One day was spent with beginners who by the end of the class were well on their way with their pieces and the other day was spent adding texture to rugs through the use of alternative fibres (yarns, sari silks, velvets, pantyhose, sweaters etc.) and alternative hooking techniques. The weather was beautiful and all in all it was a fun weekend.

Susan also sent a picture of her huge rug using up all (well perhaps not ALL) of her scraps…

Image 3

Wednesday morning I will be at Stitch by Stitch – drop in if you are in the area!…

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  1. I am SO envious! Looks like great fun wish I could join in but at80 plus I’m just to old to travel so far.

  2. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    Fantastic photos and story…I’d love to know more about the history of the name of that community…very unusual, and I LOVE this huge scrappy rug…wonder how she know how big to make the pattern…without risking having to buy MORE wool 😉

  3. It’s all wool wonderful. The girls have such sweet faces. Great rug to use up leftovers.

  4. Next time you are in the neighbourhood, let me know. I am just down the road…sort of. 🙂


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