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Don’t we all love those old issues of Rug Hooking Magazine? A friend of mine, Suzanne, has the entire collection from day 1 to December 2011 and would like to find a buyer for the entire collection of 200 magazines. She is willing to part with her fabulous collection for $1.50 per issue – $300.00 for the entire lot. This is an amazing addition to anyone’s library – full of wonderful articles, great patterns and lots of hints and tips and pix. If you are interested please contact me and I will put you in touch with Suzanne who lives in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Shipping could be quite pricey as there are 3 big boxes of magazines so it would be preferable if you could actually arrange pick up of the magazines.

Stitch by Stitch was fun last week with hooking, miniature punch needle and punching with yarn. Here are some pix to share of what people were working on:

Linda is doing a punch needle version of a Karla Gerard design…HPIM6452Glenda was working on her 5th punch needle pattern after learning how to punch only a few weeks earlier…
HPIM6453 Elizabeth was working on Sheep Farm (one of the Karla Gerard patters I carry)…HPIM6456

Anne sent these pix of her most recent rugs – Octagons (pattern from Red Barn Wools)… Image 2

and Tulip (another pattern from Red Barn Wools)…Image 3and Shastin’s finished rug done in yarns with her Oxford Punch Needle…

Imageand finally Heather sent me a picture of her Seaside City (another of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry) in progress…


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  1. Shashtin Winchester

    Dear Loretta,

    Wow, I can’t believe my rug is on your site! Thank you so much, it was quite a thrill !

    I’m very interested in the first rug you are showing, since it is being punched!
    I presume the pattern is drawn on monks cloth? I would be grateful if I could see the whole
    picture and know the size. I might be very keen to punch that rug, I love winter scenes!
    I did talk to you last summer at Dunvegan but I don’t expect you to remember me amongst
    all those people… We talked about punching and I asked if you would consider drawing
    a pattern on monks cloth. I get all my rug yarn from Amy Oxford in Vermont. Does Linda
    and Glenda get their rug yarn from Canada?

    I always enjoy your postings, so much fun and eye candy.

    Best regards,
    Shashtin ( please note there is a second H in spelling my name..)



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