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The other day (oh gosh make that the other week!!!) I blogged about how I like to stick my hand in the pot of boiling water to stir my wool. I find it so much less strain on my shoulder to use the full hand, arm and shoulder when I am stirring a big pot of wool. And I mean Big! I often have 1 1/2 to 2 yards of wool in the pot at the same time. Well, my 18 year old Bluette glove sprung a leak! and it was getting a little hot in that pot! After much searching on the internet I ordered a pair of new gloves – but not Bluettes – not because of cost but simply because all the Bluettes gloves I saw on the internet seemed to be fuzzy on the outside and I needed plain old insulated rubber gloves. Well they arrived on Saturday and have been tested over and over and I am happy to say I can actually put my hand(gloved of course) into a boiling pot of water and stir stir stir without squealing. Therefore, I am happy to recommend these gloves for anyone who likes to get right into the pot when they dye!!! I found them on Amazon and with shipping and tax they came to $17.11 Canadian! and if I get another 18 years out of them hmmm well I will be tooooo old to worry if they spring a leak!


A little bit of snow came our way the other day – I love days like this when the trees are covered in snow (rather than ice!) and everything, even on a grey day, looks so clean… now of course today we are getting hmmm freezing rain first and now rain! not looking so pretty out there right now.

Image 1and now a few rugs to share…

Elaine’s Just Cheeky a design by Sue Cunningham…

Image 2

and her The Boys by DiFranza designs… Image 3

Jane’s first of 2 hearts for her girls…

and Brenda’s wonderful version of Baa Baa Bundles Moose pattern…Image 1

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