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The Cheticamp frame is gone gone gone! Moving to a new home where soon a bigggggg rug will rest on it.

In the meantime, Karen sent me pix of her fish head and tail ready to be finished off and attached to those fish bones. I have 2 sets of bones and pattern for head and tail left so if you are looking for a way to use up your worms 🙂 and a fun small piece to hook let me know. Pattern on linen plus wire fish bones are $45.00.


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  1. Hi; I would like to purchase your pattern and bones and directions with picture. Do I send the $45.00 to your address with a note? What is the tax you refer to. Do I need to add it? I’m in the US in Iowa.
    Janet A.

  2. I would love to have one of the fish bones with pattern! I’m in Rockland so is it possible to mail it or drop off at my mum’s in Perth? If there is one still available that is…. Thanks, Brenda

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