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My friend Trish is selling her home and as a result downsizing. So her fabulous Cheticamp frame is up for grabs.

The frame has two sets of arms – one set measures 38” and is the standard size. The second set measures 58” extra long for large rug projects. Asking $400.00 Canadian. If you have always wanted a Cheticamp frame like Deanne Fitzpatrick uses this is a great deal. Please let me know and I will put you in touch with Trish.


Image 1

And now a picture of Suzanne with her wonderful pillow based on the painting by her friend Maria. Since this pillow will be residing in Puerto Rico it is made of many different fibres – wool strips, sari silks, yarns, panty hose and fantasy yarns. Suzanne did an amazing job replicating her friends painting…

Image 2

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  1. What a gorgeous pillow. Such workmanship and artistry.

  2. Wouldn’t I love it! I have an antique one you sew the linen on but Trish’s looks narrower so you can reach further before you have to roll. Like the ratchet spools on end, easier than turning and holding by hand. Where does Trish live? Dreaming again!! Ruby

  3. The replication of the painting is awesome!


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