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Friday I got a phone call – someone wanting one of the new Karla patterns – Blue Sea.  What attracted Judy was the amazing sky in this picture. Yikes! I had not even reallllly thought about how I was going to dye that sky! but Judy was arriving in about 2 hours so out came the wool and dye pots and pans. And I dyed that sky! I loved the way this wool turned out so much that that afternoon I dyed up another batch – enough to do sky for this pattern should anyone be tempted!!! Six fat 8th’s. In real life the colours are a tad more saturated and yummy!


Have received pix of wonderful pieces hooked by Laurie. Laurie paints as well and you can see how her painting experience has translated into her fibre pieces…

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

JoAnne’s FishTych mounted on the perfect piece of driftwood…

Image 2

Cheryl’s fun scrappy Dancing Bears adaptation…


Louise’s lovely punch needle sitting in the bottom of a basket…

Image 1

and Cheryl’s completed piece started in an ultra wide cut class with Karen Kaiser – some of these strips are an inch wide!…

Image 1


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  1. All of these works are absolutely stunning!

    Love your new wools from the dye pot – did you keep the formula so that in the future if some of us wish to order, we can do so??? Happy New Year! Joanna Turchin

  2. WONDERFUL rugs, great colorists in your group of friends!

  3. Your large piece of dyed wool, for the sky, shows beautiful colours. Is it a casserole dye, and is it dyed in one solid piece, before dividing into six fat 8th’s?

  4. Could you tell me where I could see the pattern for Blue Sea – love the piece you have dyed for the sky. Wendyb



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