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and may your year be full of fun and fluff (wool fluff that is)!

The holidays just slipped by so quickly – lots of company and too much food (can there really be tooooo much food – YES!). At the very end of our holidays my friend Diane came for a visit with hubby who likes junkin’ as much as we do so off we went on Saturday – first to the flea market in Perth where I found nothing but Diane found a wonderful vintage plum pudding mould.  Now I would use that to carry my wool strips around from location to location but Diane is actually going to use it for – hmmm plum pudding!!! Then off to the junk man (Millers in Rideau Ferry) where we discovered that 1. We are either getting wider or the aisles are getting narrower!!! and floors less sturdy! and 2. it is bloody cold in the outbuildings and if you dress too warmly you don’t fit between the piles of stuff! However, we did manage to find a few items we could not leave without – Diane got a little carrier for her wool strips and I got the most wonderful vintage fishing rod for FISH TYCH. It is an old Kingfisher fly fishing pole – no reel just the pole – with lovely wood and insets of oxidized brass and nickel. It is missing an end piece but for my purposes that does not matter – it is just the length I need for the 3 pieces. And a really gooooood price. I was so excited – now I just have to decide how to hang it. I had attached pockets on the back and have run the rod through the pockets but as Diane said that covers up a good part of the beautiful rod itself and that is a shame. So do I attach loops? Must debate on that for a while…

Image 2

Kingston Stitch by Stitch next date is January 12 from 10 – 12. Looking forward to seeing some of you there…

And now, some pix to share:

Barb’s wonderful cat pillow…


Linda’s lovely carved man in the woods…


and last but not least, the long awaited book on primitive finishes by Kathy Clark of Briarwood Folk Art is here… I have 10 copies at 25.00 Canadian each. The books are full of funky, unusual primitive finishing techniques – email me if you want a copy and send me your address and I will pop it in the mail to you…

Image 1.jpg


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  1. Gosh have I missed these posts. Glad to see the photos which have cheered my spirit.

  2. Happy New Year, Loretta..hope to see you soon.

  3. Happy new year to you as well.I love the fish.I would take a book Loretta and I will send a cheque.Let me know the postage as well.Looks interesting.Thankyou

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  4. Happy New Year to you and yours, Loretta. For your fish and rod … have you given some thought to use fishing lures? … then tie the lures to the rod with fishing line!!!! I always enjoy your posts … merci!

  5. The fish-tych on the fishing rod is brilliant!!!!!!!! Such a beautiful piece and so aptly hung. You are such an inspiration Loretta. Thanks for sharing …… Your blog makes me so happy!

    Laurie McRae

  6. Roberta Hancock

    Yes, I would very much like a copy of Kathy’s book of finishes! I met her at a rug camp in Texas in 2012. Wonderful person .. and amazing hooker and teacher! Let me know how to pay, please.


    Roberta Hancock 179 Lakeview Road Lakeview, Nova Scotia B4C 4C8

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  7. Three hookers arrived this morning for 3 1/2 hours of fun, laughter and hooking—Janice brought chicken pot pie, cheese, crackers and coffee. Delande brought CHOCOLATES, muffins and cookies, Pearl and I just ate and hooked. Your fishing rod—would the old fashioned cafe curtain rings work> You could grunggy up the plastic and show off the rod. Any books on finishing left? Can you produce the beautiful blues and tans in the cat rug behind the book? Hugs Ruby

  8. Hi Lorretta; HAPPY NEW YEAR…to you and Gord, all the BEST IN 2016. P aul and I had a wonderful time with all our family. Spent xmas at our son’s in Bowmanville. Would you please order 2 copies of FUN WITH WOOL by KATHY CLARK. please mail both copies to me. Barbara Fierheller 389 Lifford Rd; Bethany Ont. L0A 1A0 Thanks Barbara Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2016 17:57:45 +0000 To:


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