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Oh my God! They went in a few hours!!! So I will be ordering more copies from Kathy but in the meantime, if you live in the U.S. you can order directly from Kathy Clarke at Briarwood Folkart and if you live in Canada I am happy to take your order and fill it a bit later! Of course, if you are in a bigggg rush you can order directly from Kathy even if you live in Canada!!!

Diane sent me a picture of her purchases – I forgot about the wonderful mirror – probably because I was so miffed that I did not discover it first as it matches (except in size) another one I bought earlier in the year! Darn! Just not fast enough when Diane and Bill are around!!!!

Image 3

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  1. I’ll wait for a book—surely I’ll see you somewhere this spring. Love Diane’s mirror.

  2. I have a pudding mold exactly like the one in the photo.

  3. I just saw Kathy’s book on FB and ordered it.
    I love her style!
    Happy New Year.
    Hugs 🙂

  4. Lucie Deschamps

    Bonne et heureuse année à toi et à ta famille,chère aime, Loretta, I will be announcing your primitif course in our Feb. newsletter.I would appreciate it if you could sent me a flyer with all the information you would like to give out . Just a thought, but Carol S. was mentioning that she should have put a registration deadline. André and I are leaving for a bit of sun Jan8-20 .I’ll still be able to “get mail” Take care, Amitiés, Lucie


  5. Marjorie Duizer

    Just read about this book and would love to have you order one for me, please Marjorie

    Sent from my iPad


  6. I don’t know what the “book” was…must have missed one post from you. Please enlighten me. Joanna Sirois

    We have switched to gmail. Please add this address and send everything to:

  7. Looks like a Maud Lewis in the mirror’s reflection!

  8. Interesting balancing act on the chair!


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