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The last few mornings have been coffee on the dock mornings – warm but not hot and glass smooth lake. However, the fish (or SOMETHING) have been jumping!  We keep catching glimpses of something popping just up and over the surface of the water.  Wellllllll so do alllll the other animals – the Kingfisher who swooped in to grab a little fishy; a bigger fish hmmm eating the little fish; the heron hiding under the end of the dock in the shallows to grab a passing meal; and then gurgle, chuckle splash and yes oh yes the otters!!!  A wonderful family of 4 swimming about 20 feet off the dock – diving and coming up with mouths full of little fishes. It has been amazing! Snapping turtle popped her head up, family of mergansers come back each morning! It is a great time of year to watch the animals from the dock. Maybe not such a great time to be a little fish though!!!

Had a fun class in Almonte last Friday – 8 ladies excited about becoming hookers! and all doing a great job by end of day. In fact, Pat is almost done her rabbit… Could it be she is hmmm, hooked???…Image 1

So my class in Perth is posted on my Events list now (November 22) and once I have another date for Almonte I will post it as well.

In the meantime, I have actually hooked in the last while. I discovered the work of a wonderful artist from Georgia, Cecel Allee.  Cecel does large paintings many of which are very simplified “minimalist” florals and I love her older softer colours. I asked for permission to hook one of her pieces as a rug. Cecel was very gracious and gave me permission and said that a friend of hers who was a rughooker had been inspired in the past by her paintings as well. I drew out one of the ones that really called to me, pulled the wool that I thought was close in colour to her painting and then married all the wool together in the pot and added a bit of dye to tone them down a bit. This is my version of one of Cecel’s paintings:

HPIM6397and the actual painting that inspired it:

Hmmmm, I see the more bluey greys in Cecel’s painting turned into more dirty greeny tones in mine!!!! Must be that blue thing! I am trying to decide if I am going to have Wendy’s husband frame this!!! or make it into a cushion as it is only about 15 x 15.  Had such fun hooking this piece.  You can see more of Cecel’s beautiful artwork on her Facebook page:


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  1. Cecel’s work and your rug: WOW!

  2. I love both!!! Your color is great! I will look up her work. Have not heard of her. Thanks for all of your sharing you do!

  3. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    I agree with Toni…both are beautiful. And what a peaceful and lovely image of the morning on Wolfe Lake. Thanks Lor!

  4. very lovely rug

  5. Love that your spending the mornings on the dock when you have a chance. It’s so good for you and the rabbit rug is so cute. Just love it and your Cecel’s rug is beautiful. You can’t mistake the design for sure. You did an amazing job. She should feel very honored.

    Well I have to go get ready for work.
    Big hugs,

    Sent from my iPad


  6. I think you captured the painting perfectly – I love it!

  7. I love the muted look Loretta, this would b lovely with my hand dyes in wool applique as well!
    Just saying….

  8. Your mornings on the dock sound heavenly.
    Love your rug!
    Hugs 🙂


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