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with not much hooking!!! but having fun with company…

Tuesday, September 8 I will at Stitch by Stitch from 10 – 12.  Hope to see some of you there…

In the meantime, here are a few lovely hooked pieces by others…

Carol’s version of Fish Bones… (love those greens!)…


Sandi’s mat on my vintage picnic basket – oh hmmm mine no more!!!…Image 6

And Sandi’s Deanne Fitzpatrick rug finished in her primitive style…Image 8

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  1. Loving these posts, loretta,,, yes has been very warm to hook,,, mm
    Love the mats u have posted ,,, thanks,, nice to get the posts ,, take care,,


    Again I will miss you as I will be at Probus in the morning followed by a pot luck lunch at a friends . Perhaps next month I will see you . We have been extremely busy as we moved a month ago and yes it has been so hot to work too hard . We live five minutes from our former home — along the Parkway outside Gananoque ———- Sally Gardner ————-

  3. How is Sandi’s Deanne Fitzpatrick rug finished in the “primitive style”?

    Thanks, Carol


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