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I thought I would pass on some exciting information! Karen Miller (whose beautiful rugs appear in this year’s Celebration magazine and that of 2 years ago) is the feature artist in an exhibit taking place at the Shenkman Arts Centre. You can find more details by checking Karen’s Facebook page or her website as well as the Arts Centre itself The exhibit is called Frame/fraym and runs from August 20th- September 22nd at the Trinity Gallery on the lower level of the Shenkman Arts Centre at 245 Centrum Blvd. in Orleans (east end of Ottawa). In this exhibit are sixteen of Karen’s hooked fibre pieces including six new pieces that have not been exhibited before.

What a great opportunity to see Karen’s work in real life! I have seen Solitude and it is a stunning piece of work.  Hope you get a chance to go…

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  1. Thank you so much, Loretta! I’ve shared this on my Facebook page and hopefully many people will come and check out your wonderful blog! Hope you can make it to the exhibit! 🙂


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