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and unless you are living indoors with AC not good for hooking!!! However some hookers have not let this deter them and so I do have pix of a few rugs just finished by friends…

Susan’s rendition of Van Gogh…Image 1

Chris’s rug of the church in Upper Canada Village where her nephew will shortly be married…

and my finished runner…HPIM6384

and a bouquet of sunflowers on their way to a new home…HPIM6385

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  1. Love the sunflowers – is there instructions available and if so where?? Helen

  2. elaine allerton

    Hi,,,love these mats! Especially your runner,,, still thinking, loretta,,,, your sunflowers are so cute , too!!
    Love your posts,

  3. Love all the mats the Van Gogh feels like my style and colours , love it and the church, what a lovely idea for a keepsake and the runner, love it. Are the sunflowers 3-dimentional, stunning!


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