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are quickly disappearing. Nights are cool and days are getting shorter. And thoughts are turning to fall – pumpkins, sunflowers, coloured leaves. Last week my niece came for a visit and finished off her sunflower rug – it will be framed with a piece she bought that looks like a window. She painted the sky but ran out and we had to try to remember what colours she used to paint her piece of wool. I think her piece turned out beautifully… lots of texture in the fields and clouds…

Image 1 and a picture of Trish’s painterly poppy which also has wonderful texture… Image

And yes I have been hooking. Years ago I designed a pattern to fit a long skinny piece of linen that I had left over from making up kit patterns. My Swiss heritage kicked in! That piece of backing was NOT going into the trash so I sewed on stretcher strips and designed a pattern that fit it perfectly. It was a fun, colourful piece that my friends Marty and Sheila now own. The colours were perfect for their Provencal inspired dining room. However, it had a lotttt of BLUE and hmmm I have no blue in my house – well if I do it is more teal. So I decided to rehook the piece but with brown reds, mustardy golds and greens. The colours were inspired by a beautiful wool that I have that I thought would make a wonderful background. In the end, I decided on a more primitive light background. The motifs and tongues are done but hmmm now I have a lotttt of background to hook…

original version…D1000012

new version…



But this coming weekend I am vending at the Pre International Plowing Match Quilt Competition in Finch and background will fill in quickly! The show promises to be fun and interesting – beautiful quilts on display and rughooking by the ladies from Martintown and lots of great vendors!

Then it is off to TWIST in St. Andre Avelin in Quebec the following weekend. This amazing show is growing by leaps and bounds and will fulfill the needs and dreams of all fibre lovers with vendors, displays, workshops and demonstrations!


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  1. HIYour niece did a wonderful job on her piece.. Glad yu are getting some hooking in. I have been sadly lacking….I am knitting miles of yarn and have a pile of shawls. Since mom passed it seems knitting suits me on a daily basis. Hoping my 3 day course with Deanne in October will inspire to hook more in the winter. I would love to do more dyeing but the cost of wool now …with the downward spiral of the cad $$ is not helping much. Might have to just bite the bullet! I love your long flower piece. Will you be turning that into a pattern? We are leaving for pei on Sept 3 and won’t  be back until the end of October. ..two months by the ocean looking forward to it.  I had intentions to go to the twist festival at the end of the month but will not make it. I know I would love year for sure! When are u going to teach at Beaconsfield.  I heard you had been at St Henri and there was nothing but glorious praise for your class. I was going to go but there was limited space and they were doing a lottery of names so backed out. So I am hoping the guild gets it together to get you here. Rainy day but we need it….up to the wool room to kit an order and pull some blues for my ongoing mat… Have a great time at twist!HugsJoni

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  2. I love your niece’s piece. She’s a natural. I also like both versions of your skinny rug. Hmmmm. I don’t know which one I like the best. I seem to be loving blue lately which is not my usual color palette.

  3. elaine allerton

    Your neices piece is wonderful,,,,, and love , love the long narrow mat,,, its in your website under patterns?? Know ive seen it before,,,, love it,, may have to think of ordering it sometime,,,,,


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