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Well, first bit of excitement was Gord being cornered in the garage, as he was working, by a 5 foot (or so he said!!) rat snake who refused to leave! Everytime Gord with move him out towards the forest and field that darned snake would turn around and slither right back in. We figure it was the scent of the many mice we have moved into the garage over the years and who have made homes behind things, inside boots and basically everywhere there was a spot where they could store seeds and poop. As we cleaned out of course, the scent must have become very strong and Mr. Ratsnake discovered what he thought was a mousey smorgasbord! Pressure spraying him also did not deter him from coming back! Finally Gord had to pick him up with a pole and carry him into the woods – of course, Gord spent the rest of the day eyeballing the forest and field waiting for the return of the rat snake! Saturday we drove down to Plattsburgh New York through Malone! We were warned at the border that if we saw anyone suspicious to report it to the police immediately as the hunt was still on for escaped convict, David Sweat! Well, we saw noone! But Sunday on our way back we drove through Constable!!!!!! at noon and discovered when we got home that Sweat was actually shot and captured in that very little village about 3 hours after we had driven through! Which means HE WAS LOOSE AND AROUND WHEN WE DROVE THROUGH – yikes! Thank goodness it was cold and rainy and we drove with windows up and were not in the mood to lollygag! Although I did point out a few abandoned houses to Gord and mentioned that hmmmm that probably would have been a good place to hole up if you were an escaped convict!

This week I will be at Stitch by Stitch tomorrow, Tuesday June 30 for the morning. Hope to see a few of you there…

HAPPY Canada Day and Independence Day to all… Hope you all have wonderful weather and a lovely time with friends and family and MAYBE a bit of hooking!

And now pix of Linda’s completed Happy Houses (one of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry) and her wonderful carved canes… Image Image 1

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  1. Holy cripes…too close for comfort….re the convict. As for the snake, I think you should befriend it. They are seriously endangered…at MUCH more risk than deer…and they need loving protectors…and they would eat all your mice, be perfectly harmless. Of course, I would be afraid to visit at first, but I know so much now about how important rat snakes are, and how threatened (and reviled for no good reason) that I would use it like snake therapy to get over my aversion!!! Ha ha

    • A very happy rug indeed. Love it.

      Celebrating Canada Day with a mini crowd in our back yard. Loved your post.

      But as for the snake, those creatures have had too much bad press via Genesis. As Liz said they are endangered so befriending it would keep the mouse population at bay.

  2. Wow! You guys are brave! But mostly Gord dealing with that snake! Nasty!

  3. Beautiful canes!!! Hmmm the snake not so much.

  4. Two scarey events in such a short time. I love the canes and the rug is so colorful.


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