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Was such fun… Weather started off WET and rainy but by late morning it cleared up (well with another brief downpour) and was lovely. We had a wonderful turnout – thank you to everyone who joined us for the day, to all our kitchen helpers and to all those who donated amazing door prizes. In the end, almost everyone left with a door prize! We had a silent auction and 50/50 which both raised lots of funds and we were able to donate a very generous amount to the Lions Club, the food bank and PAWS. Cannot wait for Westport 2016! A couple of pix of our hookin…Image Image 1And!, a picture of Alexandra’s rug – an adaptation of a painting by Carol Ann Shelton(with permission) – fishing village in N.S. It is glorious!!!!! Can you believe it – I dyed those bright cheery colours! Not a bit of dirty anywhere in that rug 🙂Image

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  1. Beautiful rug and color.

  2. Where is Westport Rug Show held?
    Best regards
    Arthur Barry


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