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Will take place on June 10 from 9:30 to 4 at the Poplar Hill Picnic Grounds outside London Ontario. If you are in the area this is a fun day of hooking in the park. Hope to see you there as yup I will be vending!

Almost all packed for tomorrow’s hookin in Merickville and Lac Sam weekend. I NEED A BIGGER CAR! Gord suggested we just hook up the trailer to the back of the SUV and fill it as well! Plus we have to pack in a tire – yup the flat went flat again – for Gord to have fixed during the day. Hope he does not plan on taking his golf clubs cause THERE’S NO ROOM IN THE CAR!

Had to start NEIGHBOURS and am having sooooooo much fun! Thank you Jill for motivating me to start this pattern – half the first row of houses is done! So I hope to have a picture of it finished (well maybe!) next week – 3 days of hooking at the lake and I should be done!

So a few pix in the meantime…

Another beautiful rug by Elaine (a McAdoo design)…

Imageand a stunning William Morris (adaptation of a Beth Russell design with permission) by Lois…



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  1. Trish strung

    These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  2. Saundra Porter

    Beautiful rugs and beautiful hooking.

  3. Gotta love a pug rug 🙂

  4. the day was fun and it was great meeting new friends and seeing all the beautiful pieces of art. I cannot wait to start my new association in Burritt’s Rapids in September.


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