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It was hot and humid but fun!!! Diane from Montreal visited over the last week or so and we had a blast between going to the punch needle class at one guild, hooking with friends in Kingston at Stitch by Stitch (well hmmm who was hooking? not me!), visiting the Harrowsmith rughookers on Thursday to hook and afterwards going to the antique store in Harrowsmith (Huffman’s Antiques) where we spent a little money! So a few pix of what we and others have been hooking and what we bought…

Anne’s beautiful rug done in a class with Gene Shepherd…Image Punch needle started by me but hmmmmmm finished by Diane… to be attached to the little box pictured (after painting and distressing…)…Image Diane finished her Maud Lewis rug – yeahhhh… Started in a class with Pam Langdon a LONGGGGG time ago 🙂 …Image 1 Diane bought this chair at the antique store – it is sooooo pretty…Image 2 And I got this wonderful mirror… If you have not been to this antique store ohhhhh go… They have wonderful antiques at reallllly good prices!…Image 3 Closeup of the punch needle piece Diane finished for me…Image 4 Niece Dayna’s finished purse (which she knit) with hooked panel and tassels…Image Susan’s finished tea cosy – her first piece…Image 2 Jill’s finished Summer 1811 (a Joni Black pattern)…Image Next date at Stitch by Stitch will be June 30 – hope to see you there…

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  1. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    Hey Loretta…my friend Dawne Fiegan at Wiltse Creek Studios, at The Outlet (Charleston Lake) does chair caning – she could make that lovely red chair look stunning unless you are going to HOOK the seat/back part 🙂 You could drop it off with her on one of your cross border shopping trips, right on your way, just over the little bridge at the outlet in the large lovely gardened home on the left, as you head towards Lansdowne.

  2. Hot and humid? I have been freezing for three weeks! On Shetland. Love it here. No hooking for me either as I gave my project to a lovely woman in Kingussie who is champing at the bit to learn our method. So the whole kit and kaboodle was gifted to her. Now need a new Moshimer hook. Do you have any?

    Such fun to see these rugs. Beautiful.

  3. Love all the pics. Congrats Diane for finishing your Maude rug! I’m having a difficult time being interested in finishing mine. Especially attracted to Susan’s tea cozy. I hope my mat turns out as well.

  4. Ruby Macgregor

    Oh to have a Diane to finish my rugs. Lovely mirror and rocker—how will she finish it? (the seat and back)..All is well here, just slow to hook, picking away at Sharron Smiths “Bathtime” will still be at it come Westport hookin. So I will find enough money to pay you on the 4th., do you have a ball park price for my Iris wool? I really need a finishing retreat to get caught up as there are so many awaiting to be started. Trying to keep warm today, very nice rain last night though. Re-planted some flowers that had been touched by frost and now today they are out there shivering. Lots going on and many invitations, would like to go to Beaconsfield but that is on the 6th. and I’m sure the 4th. will be a full blown affair. Looking forward to it—at least 7 from here going, so get ready for lots of hugs—Gord; ——-you too of course. Hugs Ruby

  5. Beth Campbell

    Hi , the rug that Ann has done, is absolutely fabulous , I just love it! Thanks for posting all these beautiful works of art. Beth

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