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Ahhhhh, after the heat and humidity of last week finally we are able to open doors and windows again (hopefully all the pine pollen is gone) and freshen the house. Spent a good part of the morning vacuuming up all Diane’s snippets (well there might have been a few of mine in there as well 🙂 and while I was working, the dye pot was bubbling. Dyed up some wonderful colours using Carol Shewan’s new dye book Colour Magic which uses Majic Carpet dyes. If you have these dyes, (or covet them) this is a wonderful book to have in stock along with the swatches. You can find these at

In the meantime, we had a wonderful rainstorm last night which filled the pond (no more using our well water to fill up the pond!), cooled down the temperature and brought our friend up from the lake. So while I have been busy dyeing she has been busy laying!

Make sure you get my good side!Image 2

hmmm… now where can I dig ANOTHER HOLE in the driveway for more eggs???… Image 3




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  1. Ohhhhh, sweet Mama!


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