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Hope you all had a wonderful Canadian long weekend. Weather was perfect!!! We had company from Montreal so Saturday we took them to Seed to Sausage south of Sharbot Lake for their spring opening. Lots of artisanal food vendors, crafts people and yummy food tasting. And of course we came home with a ton of sausages, cheeses and baked goods. Andddd the Purlin J roving yarn truck was there so came home ALSO with some yarns to work into our hooking. Sunday and Monday Helen and I hooked all day on the porch with windows wide open so that the breezes could blow through the house. It was so lovely. And as we hooked we cooked! The Haggis!!!! This came all the way from Montreal where it was made by a true Scot (Vive L’Ecosse). Instructions were to poke a few holes in the skin and boil for 2 hours. Well as I was turning the haggis I accidentally poked an extra!!! hole in the skin and out oozed a continuous flow of haggis. Which is NOT GOOD if there is still half an hour of boiling time left – that skin would have been empty at the rate it was oozing. What to DOOOOOO. Ah ha I thought – Duck Tape fixes everything! Some hookers I know use it to cover the edge of their rugs as they are hooking (rather than zig zagging). But we used it to bandage the haggis!!! and it WORKED! NO MORE OOZING OF DELICIOUS HAGGIS! And it was quite a lovely piece of duck tape!!!! Art in a Pot! ImageWhat did we work on – well Helen was working on a few lovely little abstract landscapes made of wool strips, yarns and lovely sari silks… Image 3 Image 4 I worked on an antique geometric reproduction using ONLY recycled wool that I had over dyed in teals, brick reds, golds, greens and neutrals… but will post when it is a little further along and a little cleaner!!!

And what are others working on – well, Ruby sent me a picture of her almost finished Wynter… Image and Lyn finished hooking her Karla Gerard 5 Sailboats… I love the impressionistic look of this piece…HPIM6315

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  1. elaine allerton

    Hi loretta,,, I had to laugh with the duct tape in the haggis!! So funny,,,, love helens little landscapes,,, love using sari silks,, they are great,,,,
    looking forward to seeing ur geometric,,,, take care,,,,

  2. duct tape!!! on a haggis!!!??? methinks you maybe don’t have a deep love for the haggis…but very funny indeed

  3. So funny! So we looked up what’s in haggis, it sounds yucky! Maybe you have to bea Scot …and very hungry! ‘Google’ says you eat it with neps and teddies-( turnips and potatoes) and a glass of Scotch to wash it down. Enjoy. Oh well, a meal is just an interlude that precedes the next session of hooking, right?

  4. janice munro

    Hi Loretta I have sent you a few e-mails but they are coming back to me must be doing something wrong on my end.The size is about 15 x 20 so if you need the size for the amount for backround.I think we said a lighter color would work better with dark frame.Thanks Janice


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