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Some were taking a braiding class with Betty Gill from Kingston… HPIM6305 HPIM6307 HPIM6303

Some were hooking and finishing off rugs started a while back…


Some were making door prizes for our upcoming RVBB hookin in June… (shhhh those are a secret!!!)

And some of us just ate and yacked and had a wonderful day!


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  1. Thanks for organizing the workshop with Betty Gill. It was, for me, long awaited. Lots of fun!

  2. Nancy Crapper

    Looks like a fun day! Nancy

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad


  3. Delande Anderson

    Hi Loretta,

    Was just talking with Ruby today and was wondering if my name is on the list for the Westport Hook-In on June 23rd. The optometrist booked a future appointment and guess what… had to call them back to reschedule – don’t want to miss our get together.

    Progressing well on the motorcycle (which I will do last).

    Hope you’re keeping well. Delande


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