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HPIM6283FINALLLLLLYYYY I finished my fish belly so that my poor fish head and tail have a place to go! Fish Tych is done! yeahhhh!!!  It is pretty colourful but I actually kind of like it. I know the colouring is a bit wonky – fish are supposed to be darker on the top and lighter at the bottom but mine is a FANTASY FISH – not real fish! (kind of like most of my rug animals!). Had to rehook a few strips in the head and tail so that the colour transitioned the gaps smoothly (and yes after I looked at the photo I removed that teal sari silk that was glaring amongst the orange circles and hooked in something more appropriate – aren’t digital cameras and computers great!). Now, people keep asking what I am going to do with him – hmmmm I have no idea! Well I have a few ideas – someone suggested making him into 3 separate funky pillows; or hanging him vertically on the wall from a fishing rod!!! oh oh that would require a visit to the junk man! hmmmmmmmmm…

and a few pix from friends who have finished their rugs… Yvonne’s wonderful Market Day (Joni Black Pattern)… Image 2 and Nancy’s Jeanius Bags (Wendy Scott Davis design) – do you think there are enough for Nancy to share!!!!…Image Image 1 Janice’s Antique Rabbit – I love the textured look of this piece – really does look antique…Image


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  1. Joanna Turchin

    LOVE your colour selection!!!

  2. Very nice colour selection on the bunny rug. The fish is amazing!

  3. I just knew that was your fish in the previous post, he rocks!

  4. I love the fish!! My colors! The bags are adorable.

  5. LOVE your fish!! Maybe you can hanging him in a net…or off the pole of the net….definitely an antique/salvage store trip is called for!!

  6. Krystyne King

    I love your Fish Tych. He’s the most gorgeous fish I ever saw!! Lovely.

    Krystyne King


  7. I’m with Krystyne!

  8. Nancy ramsey

    Please who is designer of big fish rug

  9. I love your fantasy fish!


    Sent from my iPad


  10. Anne Boissinit

    Hang as a tryp diych in three pieces. He is a handsome fish.

  11. I love your fish I have been wanting to do a fish for some time. Every time my brother visits he fishes our brook so I want it to be a rainbow trout. such great color in your fish.


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