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The last few weeks have been crazy busy what with visits to mom, trip to Vermont and New Hampshire and ahhhhhhhhhh Camp Iawah rughooking retreat weekend. Yes, the one where those of us who are wise wear elastic waistbands! Despite all the comments! What a wonderful weekend we had – not only did the Camp staff take amazing care of us fulfilling special requests for homemade pizza and Rose’s amazing coconut cream pies and Jim’s scrumptious breakfasts(see, elastic waistbands are a necessity) – but also we laughed and cried (good tears from laughing too much) and were inspired all weekend by the work being done and the amazing show and tell pieces. On top of that we actually HOOKED! and finished a few pieces!!!! The challenge for this year was to repurpose – whether that was repurposing a vintage or antique piece that we attached our rugs or punch needle to or whether it was repurposing used clothing in our hooking. So the pictures below include many of the challenge pieces (some still in the making 🙂 ) …HPIM6268 HPIM6243 HPIM6244 HPIM6245 HPIM6246 HPIM6248 HPIM6249 HPIM6250 HPIM6251 HPIM6252 HPIM6254 HPIM6255 HPIM6256 HPIM6257 HPIM6258 HPIM6259 HPIM6260 HPIM6261 HPIM6262 HPIM6263 HPIM6264 HPIM6265 HPIM6266 HPIM6267 HPIM6269 HPIM6270 HPIM6271 HPIM6272 HPIM6273 HPIM6274 HPIM6276 HPIM6277 HPIM6278 HPIM6279


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  1. elaine allerton

    Thanks for posting all the wonderful pics of rugs!! Glad u had a great time,,,,

  2. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    such lovely creations from happy hands!

  3. I love seeing all your posts thanks a bunch

  4. Quite a joy to see all this beautiful work!!

  5. Every piece is wonderful

  6. Brigitte Webb

    what wonderful work, so inspiring, fab designs and brilliant colours – also such diverse creativity. A joy to see – thank you one and all

  7. Susan Pulleyblank

    Hi Loretta I so enjoy egetting your emails Have not heard from you in a while — they are so encouraging — I share them with our group whenever possibel

    Please continue to send — I am not able to blog or facebook so these emails are “presious”

    Thanks again Susan

  8. So enjoyed seeing all the beautiful work and looking at the amazing rugs once again.It sure teaches us alot and shoes us how many talented people are out there.Your life is filled with adventure and we love hearing about it.Thanks Janice


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