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Was wonderful. Thank you to all those who donated – wool, patterns, rughooking frames and stands, books, magazines, nylons(for hooking not for wearing 🙂 ), yarns, dye pots and books etc. And a biggggg thank you to all those who took home new stashes. I had to sneak mine in while Gord was working outside! I think I came home with more than I took in for the auction. But I am happy and by the looks on faces as people left – I think there were a lot of others who were happy. Thank you to Sharon and Joanne who provided us with a wonderful array of snacks and lunch.

This coming weekend is our OHCG Annual Rug show being held this year in London at the Lamplighter Inn. Although I cannot go for the entire weekend, I AM planning on going on Sunday to view the rugs. Hmmm, might even have to visit the vendors :-). Our plans almost went down the drain with the last of our water yesterday!!! In the middle of filling the bath the water just STOPPED!!! Not a good thing!!!! Especially since Gord had been playing in the pond and was covered with gunk and stunk! What happened – all I could think of was the pile of laundry and UGH NO WATER – NO COFFEE!! Anyway after checking circuit breakers and turning water on and off we finally checked on the internet and found a great page that dealt with possible problems. Well since Gord and I are NOT plumbers – we called our local plumber and in less than 5 minutes problem solved! Seems Gord used too much water too fast from the well to fill up the pond outside and the connections just did their job and turned everything off rather than letting the pump overheat. So we are good again but we have learned an important lesson – ALWAYS HAVE WATER IN STOCK FOR COFFEE!!!

I hope to have many wonderful pix from the Annual for next week’s posts but in the meantime…

Trish’s lovely celtic letter (pillow to be)…Image

And Judy’s most recent Deanne Fitzpatrick rug…



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  1. Wow! The “S” pillow is beautiful. I love the colour combination!


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