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either that we are running out of deer food orrrr that people have offered deer snacks. Either that or one of our neighbours from a kilometre or so away gave out directions to our place to his deer!!!  This morning we had the most deer ever = 18 in total! Now if you click on the pix you will get a larger view and you can see in the top photo that there appears to be ??? a chicken? or some 2 legged critter on our driveway in addition to the 4 legged ones…




HPIM5988The following lovely rugs have been hooked by Lisa who uses primarily recycled wool…


Image 1

Image 2


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  1. Well Loretta… this is amazing and yep, I think your neighbors told the lead deer that the house down the road had free snacks, head on over! Thanks for sharing – you are wonderful and the deer (and little chicken visitor) know it!

  2. I believe that is a rotten little squirrel pilfering the food. Not one of my favorite woodland critters. When they come into your home via the roof, it’s time to get serious! I often wonder if it’s such a good idea to interfere with Mother Nature?! Hummmm

  3. Linda Henderson

    Somehow I don’t think this was an April Fool’s joke. Next the Easter bunnies will be showing up…..Easter chicken?? You guys are a riot – thanks for the fun and Happy Easter to you and your dependents. Hugs, Linda
    Love Lisa’s rugs!

  4. Brenda Gabriel

    Got a feeling there is some April Fooling around going on here – note the bow on the deer’s ear ha ha!

  5. Love the photos. Bring on the April fools chickens and rabbits!
    I like the rug of the four trees made from the recycled wool.

    Happy Easter, Welcome Spring everyone.

  6. Della Ann Hill

    That 2 legged critter is another deer aglow in the sun!!!

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  7. oh ! you have almost no snow left ! I am jealous !;-)
    the crow rug is wonderful ! love the design !

  8. I think you have all the deer, aren’t you lucky. At that rate your food is really going to go down rapidly…donations anyone??
    Happy Easter.

  9. Your dear deer photos remind me of the Maud Lewis rug “Two Deer at Sunrise”.


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