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Deer food that is… So have I mentioned we love our deer and that we feed them all winter. Usually, though, by the end of March they are no longer being fed the delicious but expensive grain, corn and molasses mix but are starting to munch on my gardens! Although I have caught them nibbling on the few plants that have actually made it to sunlight (since we still have a lot of snow) we are feeling guilty and still feeding them. There is one poor deer with a broken foot (hoof?) and we try to put a pile a little ways away from the other piles so that she(he) can eat without being nudged aside. However!!!!! this is cutting into my hooking money! Grain mix price has gone up a LOT and I am hoping that the last little bit we have in the can is going to last or outlast the deer! But when I look outside in the morning and they are all in a huddle staring expectantly at the house and don’t run off when I open the door and walk down the steps hmmmmm methinks we will be buying a few more bags! It has gotten so bad that they are now eating the unshelled peanuts we have been throwing out for the bluejays – caught one deer with a shell hanging off his lower lip and a guilty expression on his face! So come on spring! Don’t let me down! I could be spending that money on wool or cutter heads or linen!

Easter is coming! Jane sent me a picture of the Antique Rabbit kit she just finished in time for Easter… I love the way Jane hooks – looks so wonderfully primitive!!! and I think her rabbit has been chomping down on some chocolate as he looks a tad fatter than mine did…

ImageSo wishing you all a wonderful Easter filled with family, friends and of course chocolate! I bought a wonderful bowl last year from one of our local pottery artists, Diane Black, and it is screaming for chocolate eggs…





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  1. The bowl is lovely…and how nice of you to feed the deer!! you could put a little bowl out when you are selling your wool for donations to the “Feed the Deer” fund 🙂

  2. Happy Easter to you! Jelly beans are always welcome also……….

  3. Love that hooked rug soooooooooooo pretty! Love the colours and it’s great Jane got it done for Easter! That bowl is also exquisite! Must be amazing to have so many deer in your yard!
    Have a great Easter!😄

  4. Hi wonderful Job Mom with buster keep up the good work.😘



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