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I love to dye wool!!!! Some days I am not sure which I enjoy more – hooking or dyeing. I think the thing I love about dyeing is that the transformation from plain white, tan, grey wool into something gloriously coloured is so fascinating. I just did a red/orange I call Hot Chili Peppers. I dyed it over a mixture of base wools in tans, oatmeals, tickings, naturals so that I would have a wonderful variety of tones and textures and values. Here is a picture and the formula – have fun:


Hot Chili Peppers:

8/16 Majic Carpet Orange

8/16 Majic Carpet Red

over 1 1/4 yards of mixed wools

Have I mentioned that Wanda Kerr bought out the Majic Carpet dyes and you can order them directly from her now? We all miss Rittermere Hurst Field who did such an amazing job of supplying us with our rughooking needs for so many many years but I am happy that these wonderful dyes are still available locally.

And now a few pix of rugs hooked by friends:

Elaine’s Polar Bear rug (was this for a grandson or granddaughter?)…Image

and Susan’s rugs (I believe all of these are Martina Lesar designs except the one with the cat and dog which is a pattern by Briarwood Folkart which I carry)…

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

Image 13

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  1. wow those red hot chili reds are Gooooorgious!

  2. That is bright, Loretta, love the polar bear rug..wonderful.

  3. elaine allerton

    The reds are gorgeous! , ,,!! Love them,, mthanks for info,,, and the rugs are great , too,,,

  4. hemmingforddog

    I think I have fabric envy…

  5. So pretty I wish I liked to dye but I usually dye with a color in mind and never get what I want.
    Pretty rugs all around.


    Hello my friend – long time no chat. Friend in Toronto needs 10 yards white 100% wool for dye project – any suggestions where she can get it? Hope all is well in your pretty corner of the world. Moving to Ottawa end of year and spending lots of time here with new grandchild. Will be easier to meet up when we move from the Rectory. til soon Julie

    Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 00:32:43 +0000 To:


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