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That lovely cat rug’s owner, designer and hooker has been uncovered!  Peg Irish! Peg was one of the featured artists at the last Green Mountain show that I was able to get to. Thanks to Lois for the information. To see more of Peg’s beautiful rugs check out

A rug made out of OMG Crimpolene!!!! For those of you who remember the 60’s and early 70’s this is probably a familiar word but for those tooooo young!!!! crimpolene was a non iron able man made fabric made I think of nylon or some awful fibre – well I guess it was a NON fibre.  I remember my uniform for my part time job at Towers (yup another name many of you from Ontario will be familiar with) – yellow crimpolene! I looked like a hot banana! and by hot I mean this stuff did not breathe so that in the summer you would suffer heat stroke if you went out into the sun! Non iron MEANT non iron – I remember pressing the grid from the iron into the back side of my uniform and having to wear a long sweater as the grid mark STAYED permanently in the fabric.  All this to say that hmmm, it makes a perfect rughooking alternative fibre if you want to wash your rug on a regular basis. This lovely rug Trish bought in Newfoundland and recently redid the edge with a show binding – it has a permanent place in her bathroom:

Image 12

and a few pix of my local wild life lining up for food!!!

There were more (about 7 total) deer but the sound of the iPad taking the photo scared them off… These two (click on the photo to enlarge it) I guess were determined to eat – iPad or not…

Image 3

Bluejays – before the peanuts – after the peanuts were thrown out there were about 20 in the tree and peanuts lasted all of about 2 minutes…

Image 2


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  1. that crimpolene rug feels really lovely underfoot. Love it.

  2. Thank you for solving the mystery!!! People should say who the “hooker” is!! I also love the crimpoline rug!

  3. I love you photos (and the rugs, of course!) . I hope the deer aren’t eating all of your lovely bushes etc that you have around your house. I’ll never forget seeing a horned owl just outside your driveway on the road. I must have gazed at it for many minutes. Only where you are do you see such wonderful creatures. Betty


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