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Well we hope it will be here soon!!! Right now it is hard to believe that in a little over a month it is supposed to be spring!!! More snow on its way…

But Spring 1811 (a Joni Black pattern which you can find in my online store) is done – well just being showbound. I loved hooking this piece – did have to make a few adjustments to my hooking because I INSISTED on using my favourite cut 8.5 so my little ducklings are hmmm quite primitive!!! But that was the look I was after – older, toned down and primitive! At first I thought the sky (after hooking maybe 80%) was a little flat although I used a wonderful as is aqua texture which is not visible in the picture. But afterwards I thought hmmm it is one of those hazy spring days when the sky is kind of washed out looking and I actually like the sky as it is. So now hmmm perhaps Summer 1811?… or that darned fish belly!



This past weekend I taught in Godmanchester at L’Ourse qui Danse – a wonderful Alpaca farm.  Not only was the class fun with a great bunch of ladies (and a young girl) who took to hooking very quickly but we were surrounded outside by these lovely boys and girls… Johanne has a wonderful boutique full of Alpaca products and yarns and felted items – a great place to visit…

Image 3

Image 4

and now two requests:

My friend Peri is looking for used dye spoons 1/28; 1/64; 1/32; 1/16; 1/8; 1/4.  If anyone has these sizes and would like to pass or sell them on please contact me and I will give you Peri’s contact info.

At some point in time I took this picture at show (probably Green Mountain) and photographed the Label below thinking! that it contained the name of the person who had hooked the piece.  Unfortunately it did not and I have had an email asking if I can find out the name of the rughooker. If anyone out there recognizes this rug please contact me.

Image 5


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  1. These llamas are too cute for words! Linda on the Rock

  2. They are so darn cute!!

  3. Your rug is beautiful.I do love the sky.Whow you can hook fast.It must be so nice to meet such interesting people. Must of been a very interesting weekend.Thanks for sharing.Jany

  4. What beautiful photo. Snowy alpaca’ of my favorite things to see.

    Wishing you a wonderful day, doreen

  5. I love the cat looking out of the window and drew up a pattern of my cat Sam but never did it. This is inspirational. The pictures are great. Almost 20 below here this morning hope spring come soon.

  6. could it be Peg Irish of New Hampshire


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