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I became a hooker in Quebec – and yes that DOES need to be read in context 🙂 . But once we retired Gord and I moved to Ontario so that we would be halfway between both sets of parents. This weekend I am going home! Visiting Gord’s parents and teaching at L’Ourse qui Danse in Godmanchester (near Huntingdon). It will be such fun to be teaching again where my hooking life began. I have not been back to Quebec in a while and am looking forward to des hotdogs steames et poutine! Not so great for the waistline but yummy junk food!

On Friday I am teaching at Art & Class in Perth from 10 – 2 and yes there are still spots available – then Saturday in Godmanchester – so this should be a fun weekend of hopefully converting a few more souls to the joys of rughooking.

and now some pix…

Our little finches found the seeds Gord so kindly dumped on the table – the porch is a mess but it is so much fun to watch the cats watching them that I will happily put up with seeds all over the place… I do believe there is a little finch offering to help with the shovelling – and there is a LOTTTTT of that going on…

Image 1

Snow, snow and more snow and 29 below temperatures…


also mean that a lot of hooking is getting done…

Chelsea’s finished cat with a stunning background…


and Cathy’s wonderful Sharon Smith pattern… both ready for binding…

Image 2




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  1. I love these two rugs. Love the background behind the cat.

    I am trying to complete a Cat rug by Deanne F. pattern called November Cat Nap.

    Enjoy your time in Quebec.

  2. Lovely rugs and your birds and winter photos are beautiful, Warm greetings from Montreal. 🙂

  3. Great rugs have a wonderful time


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