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Whew! Wonder where those 3 feet of snow actually went – or are heading? Just glad for many of our neighbours on the eastern coast that the blizzard warning had been lifted! (although ooops Gord just read CNN to me and it appears some areas are being hit!).  Although it has been a cold winter I have to admit I have enjoyed not having to shovel every day so I have not reallllly missed the huge drifts of snow. We have just enough to cover the gardens and gravel and make it look wintery outside but without all the work involved! Oh am I lazy – hmmmm – yup!

Have been doing a lot of dyeing lately and drawing up of new patterns (some new Karla Gerard patterns and Shelley Atkinson). But have I been hooking – not much. Although I have been repairing a few vintage rugs. These were done by Carol’s aunt many years ago and have the typical edge damage so Carol asked if I could put a show binding over the top of the edges to protect them because you KNOW that once you fix one area by reverse hooking, grafting a new piece of backing and rehooking, invariably another spot will start to fall apart. So I am on the last of the 4 rugs. Then who knows – maybe fish body????

However, I do have a wonderful rug to share being hooked by Chelsea. It is one of her first rugs and I think it is absolutely stunning – loveeeee the background on this rug and the eyes of the cat…


My friend Rachel in Arnprior Ontario has some gripper strips for sale – 40 inches for $40.00.  Please contact Rachel at if you are interested.

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  1. What a beautiful rug. Yes, the eyes! That missing snow….I think it’s blowing around here on Plum Island, MA.

  2. Would love to see the new patterns you’re drawing up. Will they be on your webpage? Nancy

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  3. Love the cat rug Chelsea, it has inspired me to get at mine and not be afraid!!

  4. Wonderful cat and fabulous background on this rug. Enjoyed reading your write up .

  5. Christine Van Hees

    HI Loretta

    Loved the background in Chelsea’s rug as well. What # cut is this rug?

    Here is my attempt at a pillow that I took from a photo of my daughters cat, Gemini!

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  6. Love the cat!!

  7. Hi,

    We in Nova Scotia have just had 2 days of nasty winter…although this winter has been pretty easy so far. We get that snow, rain, freeze thing where I live along the Atlantic coast. Maybe you could do a “blurb” on your blog about how to fix those antique/old rugs for those of us who are fairly new to the “sport’! Enjoy your blog on a regular basis-always interesting to see what other hookers are up to-txs!



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