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So what is that old expression – bad things happen in 3’s???? Well they started yesterday morning – furnace was running and running and running but only pumping out cool air – no heat. Down to 61 F in the living room – now I like a cool room but that is darned chilly!!! So left a call in with the repairman so that hopefully he would come as early as possible to get us up and warm again. Second disaster – Gord offered to make chicken burgers. Hmmmm sounds good especially since I did not have to cook but put mine on soft bread so that I don’t break a tooth on a ciabatta bun. Well, as I was chewing away all of a sudden crunch – hmmm chicken burgers are not supposed to crunch! What WAS that – tested all my teeth and yup you guessed it – broke a piece off an actual GOOD tooth!!! Well that was the end of the chicken burger. Then this morning it was soooo cold in the house I decided to put on the propane fireplace. Now I am not in love with our fireplace as it takes half an hour to heat up before it starts blowing any warm air but this was at 5:15 a.m. so I figured by 5:45 I should have some heat. Hmmmm tick tick tick – 5:45 went by, then 6:00 then 6:15… Finally a full hour and 20 minutes after I had turned on the fireplace yeahhhhh it started blowing – for a full 60 seconds!!!! then off it went only to come on again about 15 minutes later for ANOTHER 60 seconds.  So now the repairman is here – furnace hopefully fixed and some heat in the house and fireplace thermostat reconnected (it had fallen off) so hopefully that solves that problem.  Tooth will be fixed in 2 days.  And bills will be paid!!! But my three bad things have transpired so I should be good for a while!!!

Did spend a fun morning in Kingston last Wednesday even though only a few brave souls showed up – it WAS rather nippy out there. I think when we left home it was minus 24 celcius – have no idea what that is in fahrenheit suffice to say it was COOOOLLLDDD. Not even the deer showed up! Although today they are outside staring hungrily at the house and waiting for Gord. So some pix – Tuesday Ruby and her retinue! came for a visit so pix of some of their rugs and pix from our morning at Stitch by Stitch (next get together at the store will be Wednesday February 11)…

Sally’s Pine Tree…HPIM5906 Linda’s hooked mittens…HPIM5908 Lisa’s mittens…Image 1 2 challenge pieces based on a free pattern in RHM… Delande’s and Janes…Image 2 Image 3 Janice’s scrappy mat… Image 4 Delande’s Seagull – her second piece…Image 6 Jane’s punkin…Image 7 Delande’s Paisley rug…Image 8 Jane’s birds from her class with Laura Boszormeny…Image 9 Pearl’s scrappy squares…Image 10 Pearl’s sunflower… Image 11   Diane’s finished Audubon (pattern by Sharon Smith) mounted on an antique pastry board…Image Karen’s completed Wynter (I now carry this pattern)…Image 2


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  1. Good grief you have had some challenges. Nothing like no heat in the frigid temperatures lately. As for the tooth last week the same thing happened to me except I wasn’t chowing down on a burger but rather lentil soup. I figured that very hard object I chomped on must be one of those little stones one sometimes finds in the dry lentils. But nope. It was half my tooth that had been repaired with a temporary crown the week before. Groan. Now waiting for a more substantial metal crown. Isn’t this aging business a laugh?

    Keep warm!

  2. Geez Loretta, you sure did get hit with threes. I would have had a fit. I don’t do too well when I get slammed like that! But here’s something funny…..we just converted to gas from oil. Last winter our dang furnace died. We ran 5 space heaters 24/7 to keep warm…..our first electric bill was over $1000. We NEVER ever had an electric bill like that. Then the next month same thing. Soooooooooooo…finally this October, they installed our new gas system. We love it, costs us 75.89 for 33 days!!! I have a gas stove which I’ve used for over 35 years and my gas bill used to be about 10.00 a month. So it’s really only costing us 65.00 for heating the entire house. Now get this….we are very frugal, we set the thermostat at 64 during the day and then at night, because heat rises and warms the upstairs almost too warm, we turn it down to 58. When we get up in the am it’s toasty warm in the bedroom and quite chilly down here. When Greg goes to work at about 330 am he turns it up to about 61 and then when I get up I turn it up to about 64. I hate a hot house. It’s working out good for us and we love our new gas system!! Hope you’re warm now!! Cindy


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