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Barb has shared more pix up close of her finishing process and a bit of an explanation…

“I backed it with felt so I’d have some firmness to the teeth. I turned under the linen so that created a ridge that the border runs up so the mat is on a plateau above the teeth.”

Image 2  Image 1  And a picture of Shauna’s completed 3 Kings rug which is STUNNING. Don’t you love that background with hints of so many different blues and reds and plums. It is exciting and rich…Image


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  1. Marjorie Duizer

    Thanks—so i can see that she didn’t whip the edge—-did she use the blanket stitch to stitch the “teeth” to the hooking? Sorry to be such a pest but I just love this finish and would to try it

  2. I too am curious about the finish on the beaver mat. Are the teeth stitched to the back (and turned under linen) or is the wool of the teeth hooked through and the linen held in between the mat and the backing? I have not seen a finish like this before – very interesting,


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