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I actually did get an opportunity Sunday afternoon to visit the show in Picton. What can I say – WOWWWW.  Amazing artists, beautifully set up with a nice variety of work for sale. Unfortunately, the new vehicle is going to eat up a lot of money so no buying although I was certainly tempted. There were potters, jewellers, clothiers, reclamation artists (that sounds so much better than junk artists :-O), blown glass artists and many more. A really wonderful show – I do hope next year that I can take part.

This weekend there will be another show that I thought I would share with you. The show will feature one of my favourite salvagers – John Sorenson of Ballycanoe – who will have his beautiful paintings as well as “found art” at the show. You can get more info about the show and the various artists at and



I have also been doing a little bit of hooking. I have always found hooking is great therapy. So a picture of two purses – both hooked in Scotland – one out of stockings dyed wild, non-Loretta colours! But I have to say, on a grey drizzly day working with those brighter colours on a SMALL piece was fun. A few people asked me how I dyed my stockings cause NOPE they sure don’t come in those colours!!! I soaked a pair of white pantyhose (which I bought from my supplier Hedore Gionet) in warm soapy water, crunched it down into a 2 cup measuring cup and mix up the first colour in about 1 cup boiling water and added a shot vinegar – popped it into the microwave for about 3.5 minutes. Then took it out, poured off a bit of the water and flipped the stockings over and poured on the next colour and back into the microwave for another 3.5 minutes. Repeat the same procedure if you want to add a third colour – the water should be clear each time you take your cup out of the microwave. I tended to use colours that kind of flow – yellow, orange, red; red, fuchsia and a pink. About 1/16 tsp of each colour. Then rinse and hang your hose to dry. HPIM5852

And my finished (hooked anyway – think he may become a biggggg pillow) King of the Coverlet rug from my class with Barb Carroll at Sauder Village. This was a challenging piece as I decided to 1. hook it in straight lines to emulate a woven coverlet as much as possible and 2. decided to change colours in the background. Ugh! When the red and green met up no matter what I did it looked wonky. So I rehooked and hid the red tails inside the first green loop – well that worked a bit better except that it made a big lump all the way down the rug. So hmmmmmm what to do – finally I decided to take the green houndstooth that I used to outline the lion and do one vertical line with the red and green butting up against it. Not sure how true to a woven coverlet this is but it at least made that joint straight and even. Had to rehook his eyes 3 times – he looked like a vamp – outline was toooooo dark. Now he looks better and not like he just came back from a bad Halloween party!






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  1. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful rug you hooked. Love your color choices and your hooking is impeccable!


  2. Are you going to be at the Ivy Club…it says rug hooking :-)))

  3. These are beautiful.

    I remain your greatest fan.


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  4. I love your rug!

  5. Loved the many coloured hand-torn rug – is this a form of ‘proddy’ work.
    Could you tell me what width the strips were as he burlap doesn’t seem to be very coarse.


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