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Hmmmmm Helen is a lot more controlled than I usually am – I think I usually take a few hundred pix!!! But I am sooooo happy she was able to share her pix with me and with you…

Image 42

Image 46

Image 47

Image 48

Image 49

Image 50

Image 51

Image 52

Image 53

Image 54

Image 55

Image 56

Image 57

Image 58

Image 59

Image 60

Image 61

Image 62

Image 63

Image 64

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  1. love….love….love amazing

  2. Great, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi loretta, thanks so very much for posting all these rug pics,,, they were wonderful,,, thanks so much,,, what a treat,,,, elaine

  4. Gobsmacked again! Especially the braided hooked piece. Never seen this technique before. Linda ont he Rock

  5. WOW! I loved them all for different reasons. Funny thing is that I was most drawn to the zentangle type rug with bright colors which is way out of my comfort zone. What talent these hookers have and thank you for sharing that art with us.



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